A New Start, A New blog…

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I decided a while back to leave my recipe blog “Cakesbakesandotherbits” behind me, as I haven’t added any posts there since November 2015. My blogging mojo left me, not surprisingly, after my Dad died that month and year, and with all that came after. I just didn’t have the time, interest, nor the energy for working on recipes and photographing same. I had a rough old year in 2016 with health issues, but managed to overcome them, and still getting there with other things, which are ongoing. Anyway, enough of that!

As most of you already know, I love eating out, and finding the good and the great that this country, and beyond, has to offer. It suits me better to visit, and perhaps, or perhaps not, as the mood takes me, write a blog post about places I find.

All I ask, at this stage, is that you will bear with me…. I have lots of plans and visits in mind, and cannot wait to discover new restaurants, cafés, etc., and hope you like what I find, as much as I do.

For now, this new blog is a “Work in Progress”…..

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